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About Us

BM Arabian Stud, from here begins the passion that led to the current BM Arabian Training Center.

The breeding of my family had as founder Palawan is known throughout the world for

being the mother of multiple champion Panarea by Palawan.

From an early age I have dedicated all my time to the Arabian horse until it became my job.

In 2015, with the help of a great breeder in Italy Giancarlo Buzzi-owner and breeder of

Ajman Moniscione- I entered for the first time in Italian ring with his filly Agianna Moniscione,

as he sent them my dream.

In 2017, together with my family, it was decided to make me the owner of the BM Arabian

Training Center and as a result of the owner of the old BM Arabian Stud horses.

In the BM Arabian Training Center have the collaboration of my brother Angelo Boscarino,

Valentina Colombo, Alessandro Raffagli and my family.

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